Wide Bore MRI; What Is It?

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The wide bore MRI is actually one of three forms of MRIs in use at the moment. But qualified arguments have been made that a wide bore mri in New Jersey is quite possibly the best and most effective of the three. So of course, focus is being placed on the wide bore MRI in this brief introduction. The wide bore MRI is also known as the open bore. There is a reason for that. It takes up from where the closed bore left off and provides the medical practitioner and his patient with more space within the confines of the bore area in the MRI machine.   

wide bore mri in New Jersey

The wide bore MRI system is offering specialist medical practitioners with ‘high quality’ across the board. There is talk of high magnet strength and high quality imaging. Also note that patients on the other end of the wide bore MRI exam are benefiting from shorter treatment timeframes than would have been the case with the traditional (open) MRI. For practical purposes, patients of larger than average size would now ordinarily be the recipients of this type of diagnostic treatment. It is also ideal for those patients who may have a tendency towards claustrophobia.       

And you could expect to see and experience more of the wide bore MRI in the future. Owing to shorter prepping times, increased comfort for patients and improved image quality, there has been a financial spin-off. But needless to say that there is some way to go before patients in general get to see this reflected on their medical bills, with or without the aid of hospital or medical insurance. And that concludes this brief introductory statement of the wide bore MRI. Be safe, healthy and well out there.