What’s In Cannabis?

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The cannabis plant has been used for a variety of medical, culinary, and ceremonial practices for as long as humans have been around. However, in modern times, the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use has created a new generation of users who benefit from its calming and pain mitigating effects.

Most know that cannabis contains THC, which is mainly responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana. Additionally, CBD is another well-known compound contained within certain strains of cannabis. 

However, scientists who test the potency of cannabis recently discovered that the many benefits of marijuana – and its side effects – might result from the numerous compounds that also exist within the plant. So, if you are a cannabis user, check out this guide to the other good stuff that is also in cannabis.


Terpenes develop in every plant on the planet and even some insects. For cannabis, they are produced as the plant matures and act as a defense to ward off dangerous insects and parasites that feed on cannabis plants.

As a result, these terpenes work their way into the flower you smoke to work synergistically with THC and CBD. They can be responsible for enhancing the high of a particular strain as well as affecting the taste and potency. The most common terpenes found in cannabis include:

•    Myrcene

test the potency of cannabis

•    Limonene

•    Humulene

•    Terpinolene

Fats & Flavonoids

Cannabis also contains fats or lipids that assist in cannabis plant cell function. Without these fats, a plant won’t be able to grow healthy or strong enough to produce buds or flowers. Typically these fats are extracted during cultivation.

Cannabis flavonoids are another integral part of the cannabis plant. Similar to terpenes, they also act as a defensive system. However, they help to protect from the elements rather than from predators.