Different Types Of Cannabis Rolls

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With cannabis legalization sweeping the country, more and more people have access to high-quality marijuana products.  Dispensaries provide a superior cannabis shopping experience complete with customer service reps, smell-proof bottles, and visually stunning packaging.

smoke the best pre-rolls

While how we buy marijuana may have changed, how we smoke it has pretty much stayed the same.  Glass pipes and bowls remain a popular choice for those who enjoy a more potent high or prefer a smaller dose.

Those who prefer the style and classic coolness of rolling marijuana have numerous options for rolling techniques and materials.


Knowing how to roll a joint can often make you a popular person, especially when no other devices are around to smoke cannabis.  While a joint can be rolled in many ways, it typically only consists of a single rectangular slip of paper and sometimes a cardboard piece at the end.

Rolling a joint is a relatively simple procedure that requires dexterity and a little bit of practice.  Alternatively, for those without the time or the patience to learn how to roll, many dispensaries manufacture their own joints so you can smoke the best pre-rolls.


Spliffs are a lot like joints, except they are often longer and contain a portion of tobacco to cut the high, taste, or smell of the cannabis inside.  These can be rolled with one long rolling paper or two papers stuck together in an “L” shape.


Generally, a joint or a spliff will be too small to share with a group of several people.  This is especially true if the smokers around you are heavy cannabis users. 

That is where knowing how to roll a blunt can come in handy.  These are large cigar size smokables made from flavored brown paper known as blunt wraps.