A Look at Some of the Most Common Fence Problems

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After fence installation, expect many years of usage from the fixture. However, without proper care, and sometimes despite your best efforts, you’ll need to find a handyman near me in pensacola fl and make a few repairs during its lifetime. Many fence issues can adversely affect the fence and its usage at your house. With help from a great handyman, however, those problems subside. Want to know what fence issues occur most often? Take a look at this awesome list.

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1.    Broken/Missing Panels: A common problem people endure with their fence is broken or missing panels. Sometimes panels fall apart due to wind or other types of damage. Wood, vinyl and chain link fences are at risk of this issue.

2.    Stains & Mildew: Wood and vinyl fences may experience stains and mildew damage that should not be ignored. This can lead to mold damage and other problems. Use a pressure washer to clean the fence regularly to reduce the risk of stains or problems with mildew.

3.    Rot/Insect Damage: Wood fences may endure rot or insect damage so if you own this fencing style, take extra precaution. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may be feasible but a replacement fence is sometimes the better option in severe cases of damage.

These issues are among the most common fence problems you may experience, but certainly not a complete list of potential issues.

Protect your fence by taking all necessary precautions before problems occur. It is better to call a professional for preventative maintenance to wait until issues cause concern to make the call. You will not only extend the lifetime of the fence when you call a professional, but also protect the appeal and comfort at your house.