What You Can Buy At A Cannabis Dispensary

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Now that many states across the US have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, more and more dispensaries are popping up. These dispensaries cater to individuals and registered patients over the age of 21 wishing to purchase cannabis.

The aptly named “bud-tenders” who act as knowledgeable sales agents behind the counter are well versed in the many benefits that their products can provide. But in the Golden Age of Cannabis, the options to purchase more than just regular buds to smoke are plentiful.

If you have never been to a dispensary and want to feel like you know what you are looking for before you walk in, then check out all the different products you can buy at a cannabis dispensary.

Cannabis Flower

The main product sold at almost every dispensary is the well-known cannabis flower or buds. Currently, there are over 700 possible strains to choose from, so you may need to visit different dispensaries to find the one that carries the strains you want.

Electronic Smoking Devices

cannabis store in Boulder

For those that prefer a more discreet way to use marijuana, most dispensaries carry electronic smoking devices called vaporizers which are highly effective ways to medicate. 

Vaporizers work by heating THC oil, distillate, or wax inside of a cartridge so that the resulting vapor can be inhaled. Check out a cannabis store in Boulder to find out more about what types of vaporizer cartridges they sell.

Edible THC

Edibles are perfect for those that can’t smoke cannabis flower or vaporize using THC cartridges. 

Edible cannabis comes in a variety of forms: including:

•    Chocolate

•    Gummies & Candy

•    Tinctures

•    Dissolvable Strips

Your local dispensary will be the best place to purchase or ask any questions about the effects a particular strain or ingestion method has.